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Are Media Still Interested in All Things “Green”

We are launching a new product that has sustainability benefits.  How important will the sustainability benefits be to the media?

By Kayleigh Fitch

While the initial wave of media coverage highlighting all things green has calmed down quite a bit, there is still a significant opportunity to generate media interest for your “green” company, product or service using sustainability benefits as part of the hook. The key is to use the proper approach to ensure media will consider your company, product or service.

Consider the following when developing a news release or pitch about a green company, product or service.

1. A “green” product, service or company must be valuable in some other aspect beyond sustainability. In other words, it must first stand on its own two feet and then boast a green benefit.

For example, media will have no interest in covering a green cleaning product that doesn’t get the job done. But, a green cleaning product that is equal to or eliminates more grease and grime or leaves a shinier surface than a non-green competitor is something that will spark a lot of interest.

2. Sustainability benefits should appeal specifically to the target audience of the media outlet you are submitting press materials to. Investing just a bit of time to tailor your sustainability story can go a long way.

For example, a news release or pitch on environmentally friendly water bottles can be repurposed multiple times to appeal to sports magazines, parenting magazines, mainstream consumer media and even for trade media targeting prospective retailers.

3. The sustainability benefits you are promoting to media must be significant and clear. This goes for products/services as well as business operations.

No trade magazine will ever develop a story highlighting the sustainability of your warehouse based on a recycling bin in the break room-especially if you are supplying the bottled water to employees in the first place!

4. You must be able to back up your claims. Any responsible media outlet can and should ask for detailed information – anything from an MSDS sheet to reports on air quality, etc. – to verify the sustainability claims your company is promoting.

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