Somehow. Some Way. It Ain’t Over.


Man, who knew this season would be more painful than last season? And who knew that after all the craziness, we would still be in it with just a handful of games to go?

I’m guessing me and this guy, Terry Francona.

We all knew Detroit was going to give us a run for our money. And, of course, after 29 years, Kansas City is finally making a serious run at the postseason. And anyone who knows anything about baseball can tell you that these two teams are absolutely loaded compared to the Indians roster.

Still, here we are. After last night, the Tribe finished the regular season with the advantage over the Kansas City Royals (yeah, Kevin, we beat them more times than they beat us). But they are ahead of theTribe in the standings. And even though they couldn’t take down the division, they are three games ahead of the Tribe for the Wild Card Game.

But you know what?  The season ain’t over yet. And no one is calling it quits. There are only three games to go, and the Tribe has to win them all, while the Royals need to lose all four of their games. So what I am saying is, “There’s a chance.”

83 down, 3 to go… we won’t make it to 90, but we can still make the post season.


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