How Effective is In-Flight Radio?

I received a solicitation from Sky Radio promoting advertising for in-flight radio. How effective is in-flight radio and magazine advertising? See the email solicitation below.

I’m contacting you on behalf of Sky Radio to see if you would be interested in participating in our upcoming edition of “The Innovators”.

This special series spotlights innovative companies and is a cost effective way to enlighten millions of business travelers about your company. Our production team will produce a radio interview to broadcast on our business talk channels on American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, US Airways as well as a TV commercial to air on the CNN Airport Network.

By Jim Sweeney

In-flight magazines are a viable outlet to reach various audiences, as are the in-flight radio and TV programs, but it is a crapshoot at best. For $3,000, you may reach one potential customer or none or 10; on any given day it is anyone’s guess.

Do any of your customers/prospects travel on Delta, American or US Airways? Will they hear your ad when it runs?

The most recent study I possess is from Arbitron (2006) confirming that in-flight radio has value as it reaches its audiences when they are not distracted by other outlets. However, as you know, this is no longer a valid point as many passengers now travel with smart phones and laptops. Also, there is no sure way to target a specific audience. Nonetheless, the report is worth reviewing.

If an organization plans to advertise, it needs to first identify its target audiences and then identify the media that most effectively reach them. There are a lot of ways to spend (and waste) money… a strategic marketing plan that commits to specific objectives and target audiences will help you identify if in-flight magazines or radio will help you achieve your objectives and reach your target audiences.


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