We Secured Media Coverage; Now What?

We have invested in getting media coverage, but how can we leverage it to ensure we are getting the best possible return on our publicity investment?

By Jim Sweeney

Truly effective marketing is both inbound and outbound in nature (despite what many self-anointed inbound marketing gurus will tell you). Publicity is an excellent example.

For the sake of discussion, let’s say you just launched a new product and through a variety of tactics (news release distribution, media follow up, product review and testing, editor and blogger meetings/interviews, video-sharing, etc.) have attained a volume of print and broadcast media coverage, as well as online media and blog coverage.

The goal of this coverage was to create awareness in the marketplace, engage prospective customers and influentials, initiate conversations, promote trial and drive traffic – either to purchase the product or learn more about it.

So how can you use this traditional and online media and blog coverage to support those goals? Let’s start in the most obvious place, on your website. Assuming you have a media center or news page on your site (if not, create one), you want to post all of your original press materials, including news releases, backgrounders, photos, videos, etc. on this page for both the media and prospective customers to find. Likewise, you want to use your media and blog coverage (either the highlights or the sheer volume of it) to provide visitors with additional, objective resource materials to review.

You also want to tap into social media using blogs, social networks, video networks, forums, etc. – to get your content distributed across networks where it can be discussed and draw additional prospective customers to your site.

Quality media coverage, determined by the value of the content and the value of the media outlet, can also be used to instantaneously upgrade your street credibility. A timely story in The Wall Street Journal, a product review on Good Morning America, a cover story in Wired Magazine… what you do with that coverage is limited only by your imagination (and copyright laws), as witnessed by this Costco promotion.

The secret to extracting the most value from media coverage involves taking a more balanced approach to your marketing. Don’t think about publicity in isolation; think about it in a broader, more integrated context that includes a variety of outbound and inbound strategies.

Need help launching a media or blogger campaign or want to merchandise your coverage, contact me at jim at sweeneypr.com or 400.333.0001.


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