News Release Leads That Get Media Attention

How do I craft a news release lead about a new product that will achieve media interest and ultimately achieve media coverage?


By Jennifer Manocchio

Creating an effective news release lead is essential to getting media to read the rest of your news release and consider writing about your product.  You have just a few seconds to prove your news is worthwhile, which means the lead needs to be impactful.

The key is to focus on the benefits your new product delivers to the end user in the headline and the first sentence.

For example, what you want to avoid is a news release headline that reads “XYZ Company To Launch New Glass Cleaner”.  While the new product is essentially the news, you have to ask yourself why the media and consumers will care about the new product.

Instead, consider a headline like “New Glass Cleaner is Streak-Free and Environmentally Friendly”.

As you continue with the first paragraph of the news release you want to avoid repeating the headline. Consider the first sentence valuable real estate and a way to continue to hook the media.

For example, avoid “XYZ company will launch its new glass cleaner on June 30, 2010.”  Instead, consider a lead sentence like “New glass cleaner made from coconut extracts is guaranteed to leave consumers’ windows and mirrors streak-free or their money will be refunded.”

An effective way to beginning the news release writing process is to consider what story you would ultimately like to see in the newspaper, magazine, etc. Another tip is to review target media headlines and leads to get a better feel for what will interest the media.

Launching a new product or service and want to conduct a publicity and media relations campaign that achieves results?  Contact me at jennifer at or 910.772.1688.


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