Swapping a Vendor Database for Trade Magazine Coverage

A trade publication wants to feature our company in its editorial section, but it is requiring a list and contact information for our top 30-50 vendors.  Should we move forward with this opportunity?


By Jennifer Manocchio

I would run not walk from this opportunity.

Having a bachelor of science in journalism from one of the most prestigious journalism schools, I’m absolutely appalled when I see the lines of editorial content and advertising blurred.  Theoretically there should be a distinct line between the two.  So whether or not you advertise in a publication should not affect whether you receive editorial coverage.

We mostly see this type of activity in trade magazines.  While most of the trades do operate ethically from a journalistic standpoint, you will see some that are doing whatever necessary to keep advertisers on board. Or in your case, increase advertising revenue at your expense.

While the reader will have no idea you traded editorial coverage for your top vendor list, you want to achieve media coverage because the editor or reporter sees your company or product as newsworthy.  Plus, what will your vendors think when they start getting contacted by the publication to purchase advertising?

Looking to achieve trade or consumer news coverage?  Contact me at jennifer at sweeneypr.com or 910.772.1688.


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