What to Expect When Launching an Online Product Sampling Campaign

We are launching an online product sampling campaign and are wondering how many product requests we should expect?


By Jennifer Manocchio

Online product sampling campaigns can be very successful in building company and product awareness, increasing product trial and driving sales. However, the success of the campaign and what to anticipate as far as product distribution really depends on a number of factors.

First, what type of product are you offering?  Does it have a broad reach?

Second, how do you intend to launch the online product sampling campaign?  Online advertising, email, blogs, Facebook, Twitter or a combination?

Third, what is the duration of the campaign?  Weeks, months, etc.?

Finally, are there any geographic boundaries on the shipment of the free product samples?

Since consumers tend to respond well to free product samples, see recent blog post “Product Sampling Proven to Drive Sales”, the campaign can easily go viral and word can quickly spread like wildfire online.

For example, we recently launched a blogger review and product sampling campaign for a leather and carpet cleaner. Twenty-seven leading bloggers, including mommy bloggers, pet and equine bloggers tested the products, wrote positive reviews on their blogs and encouraged readers to sign-up for a free product sample.  The offer for free product samples spread rapidly online.  We achieved more than 300 blog, Twitter and Facebook posts about the sampling campaign that drove tens of thousands of consumers rushing to the web site.

If you are concerned about receiving too many product requests, simply put a cap on how many full and/or trial size products you are willing to distribute.   For example, “the first 500 consumers to sign-up will receive a full-size sample, and the next 1,000 will receive a sample size product.”  This will also help ensure a quick response to your offer.

Launching a product sampling campaign and need help developing the strategy, implementing and measuring the campaign?  Contact me at jennifer at sweeneypr.com or 910.772.1688.


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