Product Sampling Proven to Drive Sales

We are considering conducting a product sampling campaign.  But product sampling can be expensive, and I want to ensure we achieve a return on our investment.  Is product sampling a proven strategy to increase product awareness and drive sales?


By Jennifer Manocchio

While there are many marketing strategies you can use to increase product awareness and drives sales, recent surveys confirm product sampling is a proven strategy for achieving both these objectives.  According to a recent Promotional Marketing Association survey, 75 percent of customers say they have become aware of a product through product sampling.

There is also data to confirm product sampling drives purchases.   In fact, 81 percent of consumers said they would try a product after receiving a sample, according to a December survey conducted by Opinion Research Corp. on behalf of the United States Postal Service. Additionally, 61 percent of survey respondents said sampling a product is the most effective way to get them to try a brand.

The key to product sampling is having a good product and targeting the correct consumer.  The most effective way to ensure a successful product sampling campaign is to start by developing a detailed plan with measurable objectives and a method for measuring the results.

Looking to implement a product sampling campaign or need to expand a current one?  Contact me at 910.772.1688 or jennifer at


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