Publicity & Media Relations Support Organic SEO

Do publicity and media relations tactics like news releases and media coverage support organic search engine optimization?


By Jennifer Manocchio

Publicity and media relations do support organic search engine optimization.  In fact, it is very beneficial for the public relations team to be working hand-in-hand with the search engine optimization team.  This will help ensure keywords are being used throughout press materials and media interviews, and the publicity and media relations tactics being implemented support organic SEO to the best of their ability.

Below are a few tips on how to ensure your publicity and media relations efforts also benefit organic SEO.

News Releases: The first priority of a news release is to get the media’s interest and result in a news story. Therefore, a news release should be written for the media first.  However, once you write a news release and distribute it to the media, revise the release for redistribution on the web.  Ask the SEO team for keywords and optimize the news release with 1-3 of those keywords.  Post the web release on free and paid distribution sites and on your web site’s media room.  This increases the likelihood your news release will return on search engine results for those particular keywords.

Media Coverage: Media coverage not only builds brand, but can also help support organic SEO.  Often, media will include a link to your web site in a story.  This creates links to your site that are seen as more credible by search engines.

Also, frequent use of your keywords used throughout the media story can help the story appear on search engine results for those particular keywords.  For this reason, it is beneficial to train your spokesperson to use your identified keywords during interviews. which increases exposure of the story to the right audiences.

Media Rooms: Because content and, more specifically, new content is king when it comes to organic SEO, continuing to update your media room will help support SEO.  It will also provide the media with more relevant content and fodder for news stories.

Want to know more about how publicity and media relations can build brands and support SEO? Need help establishing your media room? Contact me at jennifer at or 910-772-1688.


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